DIY Sprinkler System Repair

“Do It Yourself Sprinkler Repairs…

Why Spend Hundreds On A Professional Sprinkler Repairman

Or Wait For Them To Get There?

Save Your Money And Get It Done Today When you DIY!”

It’s Easy to Repair A Sprinkler System Yourself-

But You Won’t Save Time or Money if You Do It Wrong!

Sprinkler Repair

I’m just like you, I am pretty handy and a jack-of-most trades. I like to save money and enjoy the satisfaction of repairing things myself. As a Do-It-Yourselfer

 Sprinkler repairs are pretty easy to figure out…

But without the right information, you might not get it right the first time. You might get the wrong parts or install them incorrectly and so waste your time, money and effort.

And the wrong sprinkler heads can cost you even more with higher water bills!
So I’m here to help prevent sprinkler repair problems from happening to you.

It’s a fact, sometimes…what you don’t know costs you a lot more than you anticipated!

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So why listen to me?

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I’m a Licensed and Insured Lawn DIY Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Video
Irrigation Contractor with 18 Years Experience…

I have owned and operated a prosperous landscaping business for 12 years with over 18 years experience installing all sorts of home lawn sprinkler systems, large residential automatic sprinkler systems and even large irrigation systems for golf courses and similar in ground sprinkler systems. I have repaired sprinkler systems and fixed do-it-yourselfer problem repairs. I get calls every day about problems people have with trying to repair their own systems.

While training over 100 of my employees,  I have developed the patience to explain things thoroughly and clearly. So if you are looking for guidance on your own do-it-yourself sprinkler repairs you have come to the right place. I’m here to answer all your questions and get your sprinkler system repaired right the first time. I’ll show you lots of short cuts to save you time, money and effort. Please read on to find out how easy it is to repair your own diy sprinkler system and even winterize it too! You’ll be amazed at how easy sprinkler repairs are when you have the right information — and having the right information can save your from any sprinkler repair problems you might encounter. I guarantee it.


Here’s what some of my satisfied customers have to say…

[testimonial1 author=”Mrs L. Jeliffe, Rapid City, Sd”]“Jarrett installed my sprinkler system 12 years ago and it is still running fine. The only repair it needed in all this time was a small fix to the drip system. I have been nothing but happy with his service, professionalism and knowledge over the years.”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Jeff Baum, First Western Insurance”]“I have known Jarrett Culverhouse for 10+ years and have found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable in his field.  He is an incredibly hard worker and always does the right thing for his customers.  I would recommend him to anyone without any reservations.”[/testimonial1]

You’ve seen it before, you walked outside and were outraged to find that some idiot ran over one of your sprinkler heads!

It’s been a week since you called the repairman and Joe’s Sprinklers finally showed up. It takes him all of 8 minutes and he hands you a bill for $60.

Sound Familiar?


Find Out How To Do DIY Sprinkler Repairs
And Keep Your Hard-Earned Money!

It’s Easy to Repair Your Sprinkler System Yourself!

This easy to follow video series will pay for itself

with just 1 repair.



You’ll save $60 to $100 or more on each service call by doing simple sprinkler repairs and winterization yourself and that’s money you can put back in your pocket!

Cost Savings DIY Sprinkler System Turn-OnBUT although you will save a considerable amount of money you’ll also save the time and hassle of waiting for your sprinkler repairman to arrive! And that’s worth a lot too!



Yes, that’s right, I’ll even show you how to troubleshoot controller and wiring problems too!And as an Added Perk I’ll show you how to start up and winterize your sprinkler system!


Just think of the money, time and effort you will save once you know how to start up and winterize your sprinkler system.

No more waiting and worrying about your sprinkler freezing up waiting for the sprinkler contractor to come and winterize your system.

And in the spring you’ll be saving even more when you can turn it on yourself!SAVE that $60 to spend on something you want or need more!



Join the other happy DIY’ers that have repaired their own sprinkler systems AND who know how to winterize their systems who followed my EASY TO WATCH, STEP BY STEP SPRINKLER REPAIR AND WINTERIZATION VIDEOS.You’ll feel proud when you smile and tell the neighbors…

I did it myself!”

If You Have The Right Sprinkler Repair Information, You Can Easily Avoid Any Headaches… and SAVE $$$

As you watch the sprinkler repair videos, you will know the best way to properly repair broken sprinkler heads, valves and lines, troubleshoot controller and wiring problems. Plus as an added bonus, I am including how to winterize your own sprinkler system .

You’ll be able to do simple sprinkler repairs with the least amount of hassle and expense. Eliminate the guesswork, get the right parts the first time and then just follow my easy instructions.

And when you know the right, high quality parts to use, and why you use certain parts over others —
you won’t get hung up in the process and end up calling a repairman anyway

Every year I am called by home owners who get hung up in the process of repairing their sprinkler system, and they’re unsure how to proceed. They don’t know which part to buy or they bought the wrong parts or installed them wrong, because they did not have the right information they needed.

Now they’re calling me to fix it!

Many people who try to repair their own sprinkler systems without the right information find it is very frustrating, and they waste a lot of time getting stressed out when it could have been so simple.

Please don’t let that happen to you.

If You Have The Right Instructions,

It is EASY To Repair Your Sprinkler System

Because so many home owners want to save money and repair their sprinkler systems themselves, I looked to see what sprinkler repair information was available on the Internet.  I was first very surprised to see lots of  free information. It took me several hours of reading web pages and listening to lame do-it-yourself sprinkler repair YouTube videos —it was a real pain trying to wade through all of it! But the worst thing was…

65% of  the information I found online was either incorrect or too vague to really prevent you from making some sprinkler repair and winterization mistakes that can
cost you big money — if you followed their advice.

You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

There’s no substitute for getting the right knowledge you need, all in one place. All you need to do is, sit back and relax and watch the sprinkler repair videos. You get easy, step-by-step, hands-on sprinkler repair  instructions. If anything needs to be reviewed you can click the rewind button and watch the video segment over and over again until you are 100% clear on what you need to do. It’s as simple as that.

Steps To Repairing A Sprinkler System…

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DIY Sprinkler Repair & Troubleshooting – Part 1 & 2DIY Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Video

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  • Turning on the System
    – How to leak test the system
    – Turning the system on and check out
    – Adjusting Sprinkler heads
    –  Programming the Controller Clock
    –  Final systems check that everything is working properly including the controller
  • Sprinkler Heads – Repair, Replace, Adjust– Show how easy it is to replace and what to use
    – How to adjust the 3 types of heads
    – Differences in rotors, sprays, and impact style heads
    – Show similarities with sprinkler heads
    – Demonstrate different types of nozzles
    – Demonstrate older style sprinkler head adjustments and need to know items on older systems
  • Connections – Repair, Replace

– How to glue and install PVC pipe & fittings
– How to attach and work with insert fittings
– Show the different types of fittings that can be used
– 3 different types of saddles and fittings



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DIY Sprinkler Repair – Programming & Troubleshooting Controllers and Valves – Part 3

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  • Controller Repairs
    – How to install Controllers
    – Demonstrating the similarities between controllersDIY Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Video
    – Show basics of what every controller needs to operate
    – How to program sprinkler system controllers
    – Troubleshooting problems related to controller
    – Understanding how valves work
    – Troubleshooting wiring and zone problems
    – Most common controller repair problems
  • Valves
    – How to install valves
    – Tips and tricks to save you time and money
    – Different brands of valves and how they work.
    – How to purchase the right valves for the right zones
    – Troubleshooting problems related to valves
    – How the controller works in conjunction with the valves
  • Troubleshooting The Solenoid– What types of wiring to use
    – What type of wiring supplies & tools needed
    – How to trouble shoot the electrical system
    – Why solenoids are generally not the problem, weak or poor connections are
    and how to properly troubleshoot wiring to prevent unnecessary replacement
  • Troubleshooting Wiring to the Controller
    How to wire up the controller
    – What type of wiring supplies & tools needed
    – How to troubleshoot the electrical system

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DIY Sprinkler Repair – Main Lines and Lateral Lines and Winterization – Parts 4 & 5

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  • Lateral Lines – Repair and Replacement – How to repair PVC and Lateral lines
    – What tools to use and why
    – What to look for in regards to leaking lines
    – PVC or Poly Pipe, which is best for your repair
  • Winterizing of Your Sprinkler System in the Fall– How to blow out the system with a home air compressor
    – How to verify the system is drained properly
    – Show how the backflow preventer is used
    – How to blow out lines fast and efficiently
    – How to cap off the system and prevent winter freeze up problems
    – How to prepare the system for a Sprinkler Contractor to blow it out
    – Full tips for protection of your sprinkler system
  • Turning on The System in the Spring– How to start up your sprinkler system
    – How to check that the system is ready for water after turn on
    – How to leak test your system
    – Turning the system on and check out
    – Adjusting the Sprinkler Heads
    – Programming the Controller Clock
    – Final systems check that everything is working properly

Total is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes of videos![/green_tick_1_list][/features_box_yellow] With these DIY Sprinkler Videos you get the knowledge you need with:

– Detailed instructions from start to finish for all types of sprinkler repairs

– Warnings, safety precautions and tips and tricks to save money and effort 

– Preventing hard to fix problems with inaccurate information

– Confidence your sprinkler system is repaired the right way

– Proper head to head replacement parts to ensure even watering and save
money on water bills due to over watering

– DIY Sprinkler System Repairs that will last for years you can easily do

– Ability to repair all sprinkler parts the right way – the first time!

– If a repair needs to be made – repairs will be lower cost and easier to do

– No more waiting for a Sprinkler Repairman!

– No more paying big sprinkler repair bills either!

– No more dead grass and shrubs and brown spots in your lawn!

– Not when you are smart and can repair it yourself!

You Get Over 2 3/4 hours of DIY Sprinkler Repair Videos With Lots of Special Tricks and Techniques I’ve Discovered From 18 Years Installing Systems!

5 Separate Videos From Start To Finish

And NO, we have not filled them with useless information just to make the videos longer. Nope, there is no fluff and no filler. I cut these videos down to the essentials you need to get the job done. Because your time is valuable and you only want what you need to repair, start up or winterize your sprinkler system right – the first time! One of the problems I found on my Internet searches for free sprinkler repair information is that, many of the other diy sprinkler repair and winterization videos were too short and did not explain fully why you do the repairs a certain way; that is important to doing the job right. These short videos would only show you a small part of the job. I’m sure you would want to watch the whole repair process from start to finish. This applies to the troubleshooting and winterization videos too. When you watch the videos, you get it all –from troubleshooting what is wrong to buying the right parts for the repairs, to replacing the part and testing it. You want to be sure you are buying the right materials and using the right tools to keep yourself safe too. I show you all you need to know for replacing broken parts as well as how to adjust them properly. I cover replacing sprinkler heads, fittings, valves and repairing lines all the way up to how to set up your sprinkler controller — I cover the all the parts of a sprinkler system and anything that could go wrong that would need repairs. I want you to know exactly what to do to get the right parts and how to get the job done right and super fast! The videos are worth the money even if all you want to do is know how to winterize your system!

But you get much more. We won’t give you bits and pieces like the other free diy sprinkler repair videos — they don’t covering everything. We have left nothing out, it’s all there in the videos. Additional Support: If you have questions with your sprinkler repairs, I am here to help and I offer email support for any special problems that might come up at no additional charge. Just email me after you purchase and watch the videos, I am happy to help you. Just shoot me an email from the access page.Custom Phone Support is available after you purchase the videos for a small fee if you have any special sprinkler questions.[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

With These DIY Sprinkler Repair Videos

You Can Be The Sprinkler Repair Expert
On Your Block!

When You watch the videos You will understand exactly how to repair your sprinkler system from sprinkler heads to solenoids with nothing left out. And you’ll know how to properly winterize it and turn it back on in the Spring too.

It’s simple to repair your sprinkler system yourself. Just watch my step by step repair procedures as I troubleshoot and install many types of sprinkler parts. You’ll be amazed how easy I make it look.

You’ll wonder why it took so long for you decide to repair your own sprinkler because it is so easy to do — once someone shows you how!



Watch how to find and buy the right parts to prevent repair mistakes

  • Find out what the pros know so you can easily avoid problems with buying the wrong sprinkler system parts and tools you need
  • You’ll discover steps that make your sprinkler repairs faster and easier than you thought possible!


You’ll know what are the best sprinkler system parts to buy  — so there’s no confusion choosing sprinkler heads, valves, connectors, pipe, solenoids, controllers and related equipment!

  • You’ll understand why there are three types of heads and the uses for each and why one is the best buy for your money
  • Watch as I explain the pros, cons & uses of all types of sprinkler parts and how to repair them with ease
  • You’ll watch as I explain the uses of both PVC & Poly Pipe and which is the best to use and why
  • You’ll know the right reasons why you troubleshoot and repair a certain sprinkler part a certain way!

Discover my tricks of the trade from 17 years of sprinkler install and repair experiences — these tips will make your sprinkler repairs — fast, safe and cost you considerably less money!

  • No Worries about exact placements of heads – I don’t use risers!
  • I’ll show you a quick and inexpensive way to do repairs fast
  • Find out what is the right equipment to use to troubleshoot electrical repairs and why
  • The videos will show you everything you need to know for your own DIY sprinkler repairs and saving hundreds of dollars in the process!

You’ll save yourself time, money, effort, frustration!

  • By Not Paying a Local Contractor To Come And Do Simple Repairs or Winterizing Maintenance Or…
  • By Eliminating Costly Mistakes That Can Double Your Water Bill Or..
  • By Causing You to Have to Redo Parts of It  — Because You’ll Have The Right Knowledge You’ve Been Searching For!

We’ll go over everything you need to know to do repairs to your sprinkler system — with the knowledge you need and can be proud of. You’ll be proud of yourself when you feel the elation as you see a newly replaced sprinkler heads pop up and water your lawn — when you know you did it yourself for the first time!

You’ll feel relief and satisfaction for a job well done, because…

  • No more paying through the nose for simple sprinkler repairs!
  • Save your time waiting for the Sprinkler Repairman to come!
  • And eliminate brown spots on your lawn and know how to install the right parts to save money on your water bill!
  • Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself too!


Your FREE Special Bonuses For Ordering Today!

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Bonus # 1

Sprinkler Winterization and Spring Turn On Directions!

Value $19.97 Yours Free!

  • Complete instructions from start to finish for winterizing your system. Save that $60 a year and do-it-yourself!
  • Step By Step Instructions for Turning on Your System in the Spring!

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Bonus # 2

Sprinkler Help Email Consultation!

Value $75.00 Yours Free!

  • Got a special diy sprinkler install problem? Just email me.
  • I’ll answer your question via email.
  • I’ll explain anything you don’t understand and why you need to do things a certain way so you know why and how to do it right the first time.
  • Private Phone Consult is Available for a small fee if desired just email me for cost and a time.


Your Special Bonuses Are Included When You Order Today!

DIY Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Video[high_impact_btn_get_access_now link=”″ + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_get_access_now]

100% Money Back Guarantee

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our Love it or it’s Free Guarantee”]

If after viewing these videos for 30 days, you don’t feel like they will answer all your questions, and I can’t answer your questions via email, then I’ll rush every penny you paid back to you. You have nothing to lose.  Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

[/guarantee_box_1] You may be wondering if you could get this same information online for free. Well you will find when you search for free sprinkler repair information  is you only get bits and pieces of the information you need. When you are spending the money to repair your own sprinkler system isn’t it worth $27 to ensure that the repair gets done right without a hitch? Or even for the money you would spend on just one repair for your sprinkler system? You bet it’s worth it! I’m sure you would want to watch the whole process from start to finish, (not the short videos that you can get for free online – they won’t help you much) and won’t give you videos and tips to save money and time for the whole job either.

So when you watch the videos, you get it all.You get: – From troubleshooting to installing new parts – To buying the right parts the first time – And troubleshooting leaks and leak repairs –  Plus full detailed instructions to troubleshooting and repair electrical problems –  From sprinkler heads, to valves, I show you how to repair all the parts in the entire system all the way to the solenoids and even the controller!and how to adjust sprinkler heads and how to set program and setup your
sprinkler controller!
I cover the whole system from sprinkler head and valve repairs to solenoids and controller setup. Plus you get tips on how to save more money on buying parts too.

I guarantee you’ll be able to get the job done right and super fast after you watch these step-by-step
sprinkler repair videos!

The sprinkler repair videos are worth the money even if all you want to do is know how to program your controller! And the cost of the videos can pay for themselves with just 1 call to the sprinkler repairman!

But you get much more. We won’t give you bits and pieces like the other free diy sprinkler repair videos — they don’t covering everything. We have left nothing out, it’s all there in the videos. Anybody can do their own sprinkler repair. It’s quite easy when you know a few tips and tricks the pro sprinkler repairers use. Anybody can do this, male, female or any age group. This is a great opportunity to save money.

With these DIY Sprinkler Videos you get the Expert knowledge you need with:

– Detailed sprinkler repair instructions from start to finish 


– How to by the right sprinkler heads for your zones for optimum coverage


– Preventing hard to fix problems WITH IMPROPER INSTALLATION

– Tips to prevent sprinkler head breakage


– Best brands of sprinkler parts to buy and why and where to get them



– Confidence your sprinkler repair parts are installed the right way and for



Your $97 In Special Bonuses Are Included And For A Limited Time, You Can Take An EXTRA $10 OFF

Limited Time Offer…

Only $27

DIY Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Video[high_impact_btn_get_access_now link=”″ + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_get_access_now]
Please remember the reason why you are getting an extra $10 off when you order today… Is we are asking people to send us a testimonial for a short time to add more testimonials to this page. When you send your testimonial we think your words are worth 10 bucks to us, so we are giving you $10 off when you order today, but only until we collect enough testimonials and then the price goes back up to $37.

I’m Grabbing My Videos Now!

Your purchase is 100% risk free. In fact, I won’t even consider it final for 30 days. Download the videos; use them to repair and winterize your sprinkler system. If these videos aren’t everything I’ve said they are, I’ll buy them back from you!

It’s Time To Build Your Sprinkler System!

In order to build your sprinkler system with the least amount of effort you need the right tools. The “DIY Sprinkler Repair Videos” are the right tools you will turn to again and again. At only $27, and with my no risk guarantee, there’s no reason for you to wait. Order the videos now. Follow my simple advice on how to repair your own sprinkler system and you’ll have the neighbors calling you to have you fix their sprinkler systems! And you’ll simply smile when you know you can DIY the right way — so you don’t have to pay for winterization or repairs and they DO!To having your neighbors envy your DIY sprinkler expertise!DIY Lawn Sprinkler System Repair Video[high_impact_btn_get_access_now link=”″ + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_get_access_now]

P. S. Remember I offer a “LOVE IT or IT’S FREE” guarantee. If you are not happy with the quality of the information, or I  can’t help you with your email questions to your satisfaction, then just send a simple email to me and I’ll refund every penny back to you. No questions asked and we’ll part as friends.

You have no risk. All the risk is on my shoulders. So let me help you with the diy sprinkler repair information you need, now. I am looking forward to hearing from you when you send me the your emailed testimonial telling me how easy your DIY sprinkler system repair was to do!

[order_box_3 width=”60%” + border=”4px”]You will be taken by secure connection to Paypal’s site, where you can simply pay by credit card or log in to your PayPal account. After the payment is processed, PayPal will redirect you to a page with your instructions to access the videos and the  materials list PDF. If you have any trouble in the process, you can reach us by email at sales(at) or by phone at  1-888-410-0848.DIY Sprinkler System Repair[/order_box_3]


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